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Canadian Chief Nursing Informatics Officer Role

There is an ever increasing focus on implementing and optimizing information technology in healthcare settings. The role of the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) is well established across Canada, but the role of the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) has not received the same amount of recognition. See the CNIA position paper for more details about the role, and the infographic for associated competencies for nursing informatics leaders.

Click here to view a video describing the CNIO role in Canada.

Nursing Informatics Covid-19 Resources

ONIG is looking for examples of nursing informatics initiatives related to Covid-19 that we can share with our nursing community. If you have any examples, case studies or additional resources that you are willing to share, please contact ONIG's President: president@onig.on.ca. Below are nursing informatics Covid-19 resources. We will continue to add to the resource list as new resources are discovered. 

Canadian Nursing Informatics Association Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario Information on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Canadian Nurses' Association Coronavirus (COVID-19)

American Nursing Informatics Association Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

American Medical Informatics Association Coronavirus Resource Center

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 

Covid-19 related articles can be found by searching "Covid-19" on JAMIA's site.

Alliance for Nursing Informatics COVID-19 Resources

Nursing Informatics Organizations and Groups

Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA)

CNIA is the national voice and advocate for nursing informatics in Canada. CNIA works and partners with federal and provincial jurisdictions, nursing and health informaticians and health informatics organizations across Canada to promote the inclusion of nursing informatics in clinical practice, education, research, regulation, administration and policy.

American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA)

ANIA is the nursing informatics association that works to promote nursing informatics in education, professional practice, and research within the American healthcare system.

British Columbia Nursing Informatics Speciality Group

The BC Nursing Informatics Speciality Group is an organization for health professionals who have a passion and interest in nursing informatics within BC. The group's aim is to raise awareness of informatics as a speciality and share information pertaining to nursing informatics initiatives across British Columbia and Canada.

Nursing Informatics Association of Alberta

The Nursing Informatics Association of Alberta brings together health professionals interested in learning about and pursuing the speciality of nursing informatics. The association provides leadership in promoting informatics excellence across the province.

Saskatchewan Nursing Informatics Association

SNIA acts as a voice for Nursing Informatics in Saskatchewan. SNIA brings together health professionals across the spectrum of nursing to promote informatics and related resources. 

New Brunswick Nursing Informatics Group

NBNIG is committed to aiding nurses and other health professionals in advancing their nursing informatics competencies. 

Nova Scotia Nursing Informatics Group

NSNIG acts as the provincial resource on nursing informatics. The group promotes the advancement and development of nursing informatics in Nova Scotia.

Nursing Organizations  (Federal & Provincial)

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)

RNAO is the professional association of Ontario representing registered nurses, nurse practitioners and students. RNAO advocates on behalf of nurses for health policy, regulation, nursing practice and nursing inclusion in health care decision making across the province. 

Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO)

RNFOO works to enhance nursing practice and education by raising funds and stewarding investments to contribute to awards and scholarships for nurses and nursing students in Ontario.

Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

The CNA acts as the national and international voice for nurses across Canada. The CNA advocates on behalf of Canadian nurses regarding professional practice, health care decision making and outcomes, and health policy.

Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN)

CASN is the national voice for nursing undergraduate and graduate students. CASN works to promote national standards for nursing practice and education, enhance nursing knowledge and leadership, contribute to health and educational policy and facilitate the integration of research, theory and practice.

Educational Resources  

National Institute on Nursing Informatics Course

The Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto offers the National Institute of Nursing Informatics course. This 2-day, in-class or virtual, course provides nurses with the opportunity to learn more about advances in Canadian nursing and health informatics. Click the link to learn more about the course and information on how to register

RNAO: Nursing and eHealth Project

RNAO and eHealth Ontario have collaborated to bring forth the Nursing and eHealth project. This project has resulted in numerous beneficial outcomes to promote the importance of eHealth in nursing practice. To learn more about project, click the link.

Nursing Informatics Entry-to-Practice Competencies for Registered Nurses

The Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) developed a resource outlining the nursing informatics competencies which are expected to be acquired by registered nurses over the course of the undergraduate education. To learn more about the competencies, click the link to view the resource.

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