Ontario Nursing Informatics Group

RNFOO 2010 Award Winners

Kristine Newman RN, PhD 

Kristine Newman is presently a PhD Nursing student at the University of Toronto working with Dr. Diane Doran.  Her background is in professional practice/clinical education, rehabilitation nursing and she currently holds her CNA certification in Rehabilitation Nursing .  Kristine also has interests  in nursing education, knowledge translation and informatics.

Patti Tracey RN, PhD

Patti Tracey is a first year doctoral student at the University of Toronto.  She has worked for over 20 years as a staff nurse, a utilization coordinator, a clinical nurse manager and more recently as a coodinator for the Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (HOBIC) program.  Through her graduate studies she became increasingly interested in wanting to conduct research which will have an influence on nurse's appreciation of information.  She realizes that to truly make a difference in nursing practice;  she will pursue research to better understand what is influencing nurses to appreciate and use information.

ONIG Award of Excellence

Andrea Patridge RN, MA

Andrea Patridge has been involved with Informatics for many years.  She is a committed ONIG member and   she's demonsrated   superior leadership, really contributing to many of the successes that ONIG has achieved particularly in the recent past.  She is very skilled in asking the right questions and really challenges us when she'll ask a question that pauses everybody and you can see the group starting to think.  She really encourages everybody to achieve their stretch goals.  Our recipient has a talent for making everyone feel valued and she is really quick to show her appreciation of the contributions of others.  She is a great facilitator, she's a mentor, she's an innovator and a team player.  She really demonstrates a positive attitude regarding every challenge and I have to say that she is a real delight to work with.

Long Term Achievement Award 

Dr. Lynn Nagle RN, PhD, FAAN

Dr. Lynn Nagle has expertise in the fields of nursing and health informatics, including extensive experience in a variety of clinical settings selecting, implementing  and evaluating the impact and adoption of clinical information system applications, including electronic health records.  In January 2010, she joined PWC Canada in the capacity of Director and Strategic Advisor for the development and advancement of the firm's eHealth practice.  Dr. Nagle also has her own consulting practice focused in the areas of nursing and health informatics and works with a variety of clients nationally, provincially, regionally, and locally.  Prior to establishing her own practice, she was the CIO and Senior VicePresident for Technology and Knowledge Management at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  She is the Canadian representative to the International Medical Informatics Association, Nursing Interest Group, a member of the Ontario Health Informatics Standards Council, former Senior Nursing Advision to Canada Health Infoway, and founding president of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association.  Known internationally for her work in clinical informatics, she has many publications and presentations to her credit.   As well Lynn is on the Faculty at the U of T, teaching Informatics.  Lynn has been appointed as Editor and Chief for Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership.  She volunteers her time on boards and advisory committees in the public and private sectors.  She has received many awards in the last few years.

2010 ONIG Awards

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