Call for nomination for secretary position vacancy

ONIG promotes the awareness and value of nursing’s contribution to quality health care through health data, information and knowledge management enabled by the use of technology. Your talent, expertise and passion for informatics will ensure ONIG continues to grow and thrive.

Call for Nomination to Board of Directors: Secretary, for remainder of the 2012–2014 term

Deadline: October 15 2012 at 1700 hours (5:00 p.m.)

The list of candidates will be posted on the ONIG website from Oct 16-30th, 2012. Elections will take place electronically during this period and results will be posted to the website.

Qualifications for Office

Any person nominated to an elected Board position shall be a Registered Nurse, a member of RNAO and ONIG, and shall continue to be such so long as the nurse holds office.

Each Director of ONIG shall: 

Have informatics experience,

Be currently working in the field,

Have the capacity to contribute to the development of information technology solutions that support quality health care

Be available to attend, a majority of the regularly scheduled meetings, in person or by conference phone call, at least one face to face meeting and at least two education days per year

Be supported by their employer i.e. able to meet the expectations of the role


Position description:

Reports to: President, ONIG Board of Directors

Primary Function: To maintain a record of the activities of the ONIG Board meetings

Qualifications: Elected member ONIG Board



To develop and circulate agendas and other pertinent materials for Board meetings

To record the discussion, decisions, and actions of the ONIG Board meetings and ensure minutes are posted on the website no later than one week following the Board meeting

To conduct correspondence as requested by the President

To receive a copy of general correspondence addressed to ONIG

To ensure the following are carried out: (I) ONIG Application Form is current, (2) Maintain all business contacts for ONIG.

Notify Board members of their election


Duration: Position held for two (2) years and not to exceed two consecutive terms.


Please access the nomination form here. If you require further information, please contact Lynn Tkac, Past President, at